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a game for politician-pirates

A crew of idealistic pirates sets sail for liberty, fraternity, and treasure! Tired of tyrannical captains, long working hours, and short rations, they've decided to experiment with a trust-based economy and elected representatives. 

Everyone will work together, do their fair share of the pillaging, and never take more than they ought when it’s time to share the loot. It’ll be honest! It’ll be free! It’ll be…DemocraSea!

DemocraSea is a loot-splitting board game of shifting alliances for 4-6 pirates. To win, you'll need to be ruthless at making friends and earning coin. 

During the game, each player takes a secret share of treasure from the communal treasure chest. Then, all the players vote on whether the split is fair. Convince enough allies, and you get to keep your booty. Cheat too many of your crewmates and you'll end up hornswaggled!

Winner of the Craft, Marketability, and Theme awards in CUDO Plays Season 3 and Official Selection at IndieCade 2016.

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